CyberCamp 2015 hinges on an “Employment and Talent” Forum on Cybersecurity

CyberCamp 2015 hinges on an “Employment and Talent” Forum on Cybersecurity, which aims to showcase possible career paths for talented young individuals, as well as to present supply and demand in terms of Cybersecurity.

The “Employment and Talent” Forum on Cybersecurity will include the following activities:

Virtual employment forum:


Foro Virtual

Face-to-face employment forum:

This forum will take place during the event, consisting of 25 stands manned by representatives from different businesses relating to Cybersecurity.

They will conduct interviews (both for jobs in HR and for specialist jobs in Cybersecurity) for candidates interested in applying to these placements.

Foro Empleo plano



 These will consist of brief talks (20-30 minutes), in which experts will aim to inspire and deliver professional information to an audience of approximately 80 people. Visit our Diary to consult the schedule for Employment and Talent.



Coaching Corner:

 General and specific individual face-to-face advice and coaching will be provided on training, career options in the sector and necessary competencies.



Education & Research Corner:

Information on education and research in Cybersecurity will be provided, including information on training opportunities (masters, specialised courses, etc.) and Cybersecurity research opportunities in Spain.



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